GLAY’s TERU is very excited to see Sexy Zone’s concert for the first time! He recalls his encounter with Shori Sato.

GLAY’s TERU says, “It was just too good.”

TERU from GLAY updated his Instagram on August 10. Sexy Zone’s live concert “Sexy Zone Live Tour 2022 The Arena” was held at Yokohama Arena on the same day, and it seems that TERU attended their concert for the first time. TERU has been in touch with Sexy Zone member Shori Sato for some time, and he reflects on his memories with him.

TERU’s post:

GLAY TERU meets Shori Sato when Shori was 18 years old.

TERU said, “It was just too good. I met Shori when he was 18 years old and we have been friends ever since, but I had never seen their live performance before and this was my first time to go. It was great. I can’t tell you anything about the tour, which is still going on, but it was packed with all kinds of elements. To all of you who are going! It’s going to be tremendous, so be prepared! It was a lot of fun!” and wrote about his impressions of the live performance.

TERU continued, “I couldn’t greet Shori because we were in the midst of the COVID-19 Disaster, but I thought I would like to give him a party to thank him for their hard work when it’s all over. Starting tomorrow, 4days x 2 shows at Yokohama Arina! #sexyzone #Shori Sato #He worked so hard,” he commented.

Although they are from different generations, they are both talented artists living in the same music industry. The relationship between the two received a joyful response from fans on both sides.