Kazuma of gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy to hold a live concert on his birthday! Sakura and other members wish him a happy birthday!

gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy consisting of four talented musicians.

Sakura (ZIGZO / Rayflower / ex.L’Arc~en~Ciel), the drummer of gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy, updated his Instagram. On August 24, LOA-ROAR & gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy held a live concert named “Parasitism and regeneration. And it will be a sacrifice.”

Sakura’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChpT9TTJuZA/

Four talented musicians gather to form “gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy,” a group that draws on their different backgrounds to create a sound. In the group photo released by sakura, from left to right, kazu (Bass / ex. Kagerou), kazuma (Vocal / ex. Merry Go Round), sakura, and aie (Guitar / deadman, the studs, the god and death stars, THE MADCAP LAUGHS, KEEL) are in the picture.

The birthday cake is from GRAMERCY NEWYORK, a stylish confectionery brand.

August 24, the day of the live concert, is Kazuma’s (Vo.) birthday. In the second and third pictures, photos of a birthday cake from the confectionery brand GRAMERCY NEWYORK were shown. The eccentric look of the cake has a big impact. Their fans sent congratulatory comments on the Instagram post, including “Congratulations”.

Reference: Instagram
Writer: Kato