Masataka Kubota becomes Hijikata Toshizo. His slender standing figure is austere and cool.

Masataka Kubota was mistakenly called “Edward Scissorhands” by fans. No, this is Hijikata Toshizo!

Actor Masataka Kubota updated his Instagram. He wrote, “Someday Hijikata Toshizo,” and revealed a cool, austere standing figure with a crease between his eyebrows.

Masataka Kubota, who has medium-length black hair parted in the center, is wearing a shirt with a standing collar and a vest with 18 vertical buttons. He looks just like Hijikata Toshizo, the deputy chief of the Shinsengumi, whom you all know very well.

Masataka Kubota’s post:

Masataka Kubota as Hijikata, a big buzz in the real world

He played Hijikata Toshizo, deputy chief of the Shinsengumi, in the mini-drama series “Hijikata’s Smartphone” broadcast on NHK. This science fiction historical drama depicting the life of Hijikata Toshizo with the setting of “If Hijikata Toshizo had a smartphone” became a hot topic at the time. In particular, the broadcast episode in which the Ikedaya Incident was broadcast live seemed to create a huge buzz both on social networking sites during the play and in the real world.

In this post, Kubota is wearing sandals. He showed a little bit of his cute side as well.