Noriko Iriyama gets a surprise from GLAY’s TERU in the drama “Crab Eating with Snow Woman”

Noriko Iriyama wears a bewitching beauty.

Actress Noriko Iriyama celebrated her 37th birthday on August 1, 2022. She updated her Instagram and showed a black-and-white selfie with a message.

Noriko Iriyama’s post:

GLAY’s TERU to appear as an extra in Noriko Iriyama’s drama “Crab Eating with Snow Woman”!

Noriko Iriyama plays a celebrity married woman in the TV Tokyo drama “Crab Eating with Snow Woman” for the July 2022 season. The drama is about Kita (Daiki Shigeoka), the protagonist who despairs of his life, and a lonely married woman (Noriko Iriyama) who travel together to eat crab in Hokkaido.

In episode 5, Iriyama-san and Shigeoka-san arrived in Hokkaido and were in Hakodate City, where they were strolling through the morning market. GLAY’s TERU made an extra appearance in this scene, which became a topic of conversation. TERU-san is buying crabs at the market. It’s kind of interesting to see.

TERU gives back to Noriko Iriyama

Actually, she is a big fan of GLAY, and TERU knew that she had previously expressed his love for GLAY in an interview. To return the favor, he made a surprise appearance in the fifth episode of “Crab Eating with Snow Woman”. She was very pleased with the surprise. It is a heartwarming secret story about the filming.

Profile of Noriko Iriyama

Born in 1985. Born in Urawa-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. Big fan of rock band GLAY. Appeared in the dramas “Kimi wa Pet (2017)”, “Shijukara”, and “Crab Eating with Snow Woman”.