Mai Shiraishi talks about her 30 year-old aspirations!

On August 20, 2022, actress and former member of girls J-pop group Nogizaka46, Mai Shiraishi, celebrated her 30th birthday. She updated her Instagram and posted a cute selfie wearing a birthday headband. She wrote to thank fans, and said ‘I’m another year older and more mature. I have run through my 20s. From now on, I hope to spend my time slowly, and in a good way, with more time to spare.”

Mai Shiraishi’s post:

Mai Shiraishi passionately plays the role of Fuyumi Sakurama, a Ground Self-Defense Force member, in the drama “Teppachi!

She graduated from Nogizaka46 in October 2020 after the graduation concert “Nogizaka46 Mai Shiraishi Graduation Concert – Always beside you”. After that, she is widely active as an actress and model.

Most recently, Mai Shiraishi is in the July 2022 season of the drama “Teppachi!” in which she plays the role of Fuyumi Sakurama, the heroine of the main character played by Keita Machida and a member of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Her birthday was also celebrated on the drama’s official Instagram, where a photo of her with co-stars Keita Machida, Asuka Kudo, Yuki Kubota, Kosei Yuki, and Eiichi Ikeda was shown. The photo show the friendly atmosphere there.

Drama Teppachi’s post:

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