Cocomi celebrated her 22nd birthday!

Cocomi, the first child of Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Cocomi, a flutist and a well-known fashion model, celebrated her 22nd birthday on May 1. On the day of her birthday, Cocomi posted pictures of the many festive bouquets of flowers she supposedly received for her birthday on Instagram with a comment.

Cocomi wrote, “Thank you all for your warm birthday messages! I am very happy. I will do my best at 22!” expressing her gratitude to her fans.








Her family also celebrated Cocomi’s birthday on Instagram.


Her younger sister, Koki, actress and model, posted a photo of Cocomi as a child. Koki left the comment to Cocomi. “Happy birthday @cocomi_553_official ♥️♥️♥️ This cuteness from childhood! Too cute for me”.







Takuya Kimura

On the day of Cocomi’s birthday, her father, Takuya Kimura, showed a close-up photo of himself before leaving for a photo shoot at work.

He wished her a happy birthday, adding the comment “happy birthday coco! Takuya” to the photo. The kindness he naturally showed to his children in his daily postings was nothing but cool.





Takuya Kimura(@takuya.kimura_tak)がシェアした投稿

Shizuka Kudo

Her mother, Shizuka Kudo, shared photos of Cocomi as a child and lily of the valley. She expressed her joy at her daughter’s 22nd birthday and offered her congratulations to all those who will celebrate birthdays during May.

Shizuka’s message to Cocomi is beautiful; “And today is the day @cocomi_553_official Pilopilo Alien left the outer space of the womb, breathed air for the first time, and let out a loud, surprised “wow!”. 22 years have passed since I wished her heart to be beautiful. She has become a wonderful lady.”





The Kimura family is known for the close relationship between all family members.
Many fans must have felt happy with the heartwarming posts.

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Writer: Nakajima