Koki celebrated her 20th birthday!

Koki, the second child of Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, celebrated her 20th birthday.

Koki, a well-known fashion model, celebrated her 20th birthday on February 5. On the day of her birthday, Koki posted a photo of herself as a child on Instagram with a comment.

Koki wrote, “Today I turned 20 years old. Thank you so much to everyone who has always warmly supported me. I will work even harder from now on,” expressing her gratitude to her fans.



Her family also celebrated Koki’s birthday on Instagram.


Her older sister, Cocomi, a flutist, posted a photo of themselves as children and a current photo, expressing surprise that her sister has finally turned 20 and gratitude that Koki makes breakfast for Cocomi every day.

Takuya Kimura

Her father, Takuya Kimura, wrote, “Congrats…20 years old.” He showed a photo of Koki’s small hand on top of his big hand. The photo shows how happy he is that his beloved child has turned 20.

Shizuka Kudo

Her mother, Shizuka Kudo, shared a photo of Koki as a child and a bouquet of purple flowers. She expressed her joy at her daughter’s 20th birthday and offered her congratulations to all those who will celebrate birthdays during February.




The Kimura family is known for the close relationship between all family members.
Many fans must have felt happy with the heartwarming posts.

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Writer: Nakajima