Sayuri of “Katsumi♥Sayuri” has proportions of over 8 heads, comparable to life-size “Ayanami Rei”.

Sayuri looks a lot like Soryu-Asuka Langley! The quality of her cosplay is high!

Sayuri of “Katsumi♥Sayuri”, the husband-and-wife comedians, updated her Instagram on February 16.
She posted pictures of herself alongside a life-size figure of Ayanami Rei, a character from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, and dressed as Soryu Asuka Langley, also from Evangelion.

She has been called “miraculously beautiful” and has been attracting attention for her outstanding style. Even when she was next to Ayanami Rei, her beauty shines through.

Sayuri’s post:

Buzz on the internet that her beauty is timeless.

Sayuri, dressed in a mini length kimono, sits on the palm of a life-size Evangelion Unit-1. The photo was taken at Toei Uzumasa Film Village, a period drama theme park in Kyoto City, where she apparently visited for a location shooting.

She also showed a photo from 25 years ago with the comment “Life-size Evangelion-chan ♡ Sayuri and life-size Ayanami Rei-chan ♡ Sayuri~ what’s this?” There, Sayuri, dressed as Sosuke Asuka Langley, is pictured with a life-size figure of Rei Ayanami, which her husband purchased for her. Her beauty, unchanged from that time, is the topic.

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writer: Kato