LINE stickers produced by MALICE MIZER’s Yu~ki are now available in 25 countries around the world!


LINE stickers by Yu~ki from MALICE MIZER are available in 25 countries!!

All MALICE MIZER’s fans have rejoiced to hear that he finally released those stickers! You can enjoy the various situations of the vampire count. Moreover, we are very happy with him wearing the red cape costume like the one from “Garnet”. This is my absolute favorite one:)

Yu~ki released his stickers on August 2019, and they are available for download in 25 countries!

Yu~ki’s post:

Don’t you think you would be more than happy if your favorite artists expressed your feelings on your behalf? There are some other LINE stickers we found.

Yu~ki’s post:

KAMIJO from Versailles.

After downloading stickers of Count Yu~ki, how about the one of KAMIJO?  He released it for celebrating his 20th career anniversary!

Gorgeous photo stickers of Kaya.

If you’d rather have a sticker of the artist’s own photo than the one of an illustration, how about Kaya’s stickers?

Sendai Kamotsu and NIGHTMARE.

If you like NIGHTMARE, how about Sendai Kamotsu or RUKA’s stickers? Members are super deformed in such a cute way, aren’t they?

Psycho le Cemu and YURA.

YURA-sama’s palindrome stamps are interesting to use!

(writer: Nakajima)