Ginza Store 2nd Anniversary Fair

Bridal ring specialty store “I-PRIMO

Primo Global Holdings Co., Ltd.

Primo Global Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Shuichi Fujie), a bridal jewelry planning and sales company, will celebrate the second anniversary of the relocation and grand opening of its flagship I-PRIMO Ginza store on October 29. The I-PRIMO Ginza flagship store will celebrate its second anniversary on October 29.

Located on Ginza 2-chome Chuo-dori Avenue, lined with luxury brands, the flagship store consists of five floors. Since its opening, many customers have visited the store and commented, “I was able to take my time and make my selection in a beautiful semi-private room. Everyone was very pleasant to deal with, and I am glad I chose this store for this important milestone in my life.” I was able to sit down in the luxurious store and consult with the staff until I was satisfied with my choice. I was able to find a beautiful ring that I liked. We have received messages such as “I was able to find a beautiful ring that I like.

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we are holding the “Ginza Flagship store 2nd Anniversary Fair” from October 28 (Sat) to November 26 (Sun). Customers who sign a contract for bridal rings will receive a wonderful gift. We look forward to seeing you at our store on this occasion.

I-PRIMO Ginza Main Store

The I-PRIMO Ginza flagship store is designed with a focus on luxurious natural materials and elegant, high-quality presentation, and offers a five-tiered store experience on each floor. the fourth floor features a proposal salon, offering proposal items and services for customers considering proposing to their loved ones. Engagement rings on display exclusively at the Ginza main store are also available. Jewelry coordinators will propose the perfect engagement and wedding rings for you and your partner from a wide variety of more than 200 designs, which can be realized only at a bridal ring specialty store.

<Anniversary Fair Overview

The “Ginza Flagship store 2nd Anniversary Fair” will be held to commemorate the second anniversary of the relocation and grand opening.

During this period, we will be offering a wonderful gift to customers who have signed contracts for bridal rings at the I-PRIMO Ginza flagship store. *Limited quantity

Period: October 28 (Sat) – November 26 (Sun)

Store: I-PRIMO Ginza flagship store

Perfect Proposal Rings” for a Surprise Proposal

This is an original I-PRIMO service that allows the engagement ring presented at the time of the proposal to be changed later to a ring or necklace to suit your partner’s wishes. You can choose from three ring designs at the time of the proposal: “Sirius,” “Flannery,” and “Viola,” and they will be made with real diamonds and platinum.

■Personal Hand Diagnosis(R)

Our professional staff, who are certified jewelry coordinators, will diagnose your preferences and the way you wear your jewelry, which you may not even be aware of, based on careful interviews and not just on how it looks. We will propose the perfect ring for you based on our professional and objective analysis.

I-PRIMO official SNS account

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Bridal ring specialty store “I-PRIMO

The largest bridal ring specialty store in Japan. The main service is the “select order style,” in which customers select their favorite ring from a wide selection of diamond rings and ring designs, and the company operates stores in Japan and overseas with a lineup of more than 200 types of rings of quality and workmanship that can be worn for a lifetime. We welcome you to I-PRIMO with the comprehensive strength that only a bridal ring specialty store brand can offer, including designs that seek the essence, not the trends, and professional customer service. Each I-PRIMO ring has its own story, and the story behind the ring as well as the design will bless your new life together. The attentive hospitality of our staff, who are certified jewelry coordinators, and the reliable after-sales care available nationwide are the hallmarks of I-PRIMO, a bridal ring specialty store.

Proposal Preparation Room

Company Profile

Company name: Primo Japan Co.

Establishment: April 15, 1999

Head office location: Hakutsuru Building 4F, 5-12-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

TEL :TEL 03-6226-6261 / FAX 03-6226-6269

Representative: Shuichi Fujie, President and Representative Director

Capital :100 million yen

Total number of stores :87 stores in Japan / 46 stores overseas (as of September 30, 2023)

Business : Planning and sales of bridal jewelry


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