Yuichi Nakamaru has started Instagram & Twitter on the day of KAT-TUN’s 17th anniversary!

Yuichi Nakamaru of KAT-TUN started Instagram and Twitter and made his first post on March 22, 2023. His first post on Instagram was a post celebrating the 17th anniversary of KAT-TUN’s debut.

Yuichi Nakamaru’s first post on Instagram:

Before Yuichi Nakamaru, Kazuya Kamenashi and Tatsuya Ueda had just started Instagram on January 1 and February 14 of this year, respectively. They are immensely popular and each has a rapidly growing number of followers.

Fans must have been very happy that Yuichi Nakamaru finally started social media on the memorable 17th anniversary of KAT-TUN, which made its CD debut with “Real Face” on March 17, 2006.


Kazuya Kamenashi: https://www.instagram.com/k_kamenashi_23/
Tatsuya Ueda: https://www.instagram.com/tatsuya.ueda_j/
Yuichi Nakamaru: https://instagram.com/y_nakamaru_j94/
Yuichi Nakamaru: @y_nakamaru_j94