Hayato Sano and other members of M!LK compete in a Valentine’s Day chocolate gluttony contest.

Who will win?

The official YouTube page of M!LK, the pop star group to which actor Hayato Sano belongs, was updated on February 25. In the thumbnail, the five members are all looking at a pile of chocolates. Hayato Sano’s mouth is gaping open and he looks very surprised.

The “1st Valentine’s Day Chocolate Championship” was a big-eating contest in which the members competed to see who could eat the most chocolate given to them on Valentine’s Day. The members were having a friendly talk, but it seemed that some of them couldn’t eat any more…

YouTube is full of highlights, such as the sight of Hayato Sano munching on his food. It was a tough challenge that made us want to cheer him on. What was the result? We hope you will watch the rest of the video on youtube.

YouTube URL: https://youtu.be/_zAmkdGK5eU

Who are M!LK?

Formed in 2014, they are a vocal dance unit consisting of Hayato Sano, Daichi Shiozaki, Jinto Yoshida, Juutaro Yamanaka, and Shunta Sono, and are one of the most energetic groups of the moment, making their major debut with the single “Ribbon” on November 24, 2021.

Hayato Sano, a member of the group, also works as an actor. His representative works include the drama “TOKYO MER – Running Emergency Room” and “True Criminal Flag”, and the movie “Lie Eater”, as well as his first starring drama on TBS, “Job Hunting Time Capsule”, which started on March 27, 2022.

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