A very happy birthday! January 25 to Mandy Sekiguchi of EXILE.

Mandy Sekiguchi, a dancer of EXILE and GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, celebrated his 32nd birthday on January 25, 2023!

Mandy updated his Twitter to report that he had changed his hairstyle. He also announced that he had revoked his name change on the occasion of his birthday. Last September, Mandy had changed his name from Sekiguchi Mandy to Mandee.

His passionate performance in his first lead drama, “Masked D”.

Mandy played his first lead role in the original drama “Masked D,” which was distributed on AbemaTV in 2022. Daisuke Daichi, played by Mandy, is a passionate high school teacher, but his 3-D class he is full of troublesome students. At the same time, Daisuke Daichi is being scouted by a professional wrestling organization to become a masked wrestler called “Masked D.” Although he is a teacher, he must work hard to save his students without telling them about his appearance. This is an impressive drama in which Mandy as Daisuke Daichi confronts the problems faced of his students.

In addition, Sekiguchi-san is expanding his activities by drawing books and appearing in TV shows, and is a popular dancer representing EXILE. We hope to see more and more of his dancing. Happy Birthday!

Reference:Mandy Sekiguchi Twitter