YOSHIKI of X JAPAN celebrated HIDE’s 58th birthday on December 13.

HIDE’s 58th birthday if he were alive

YOSHIKI of X JAPAN updated his Instagram on December 13, 2022. YOSHIKI shared a photo he took with HIDE(1964-1998), the guitarist of X JAPAN. December 13 this year would have been HIDE’s 58th birthday if he were alive.

Yoshiki’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CmGodsfP3D5/

The movie “TELL ME – the scenery I saw with hide” released in 2022 received a great response

In 2022, the movie “TELL ME – the scenery I saw with hide” was released. This movie is based on the book “Brother: The Reminiscence of hide” (Kodansha Bunko) written by HIDE’s manager and younger brother, Hiroshi Matsumoto.

The movie tells the story of I.N.A., a co-producer, and his friends who, faced with HIDE’s sudden death, struggle to overcome the grief of his death in order to release the music he left behind to the world. The role of Matsumoto Hitoshi was played by singer and actor Imai Tsubasa.

Tsubasa Imai’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cfvvk1HuF4y/

The year 2023 will mark the 30th anniversary of hide’s solo debut and 25 years since his passing. His music will surely be passed on to the next generation and will last forever.