PATA celebrated his 58th birthday!

PATA is one of Japan’s leading guitarists

X JAPAN guitarist PATA celebrated his 58th birthday on November 4. X JAPAN leader, drummer & pianist YOSHIKI updated his official X. YOSHIKI congratulated PATA with the following comment. “PATA, Happy Birthday! Wishing you good health.”

Introducing the cute side of PATA

With his long, hermit-like hair and bearded appearance, PATA is a guitarist who demonstrates outstanding guitar technique, but he also has a cute side.

For example, he is a big fan of the Giants, a Japanese professional baseball team, and his official Instagram page shows his private life enjoying watching baseball games.

PATA is also known for his love of cats. Considering his own fast-paced personality, he is like a cat himself. Moreover, the cat is lovable, fast-paced, and a professional hunter, and PATA, with his unique charisma and skilled guitar technique, have a lot in common.

PATA’s other band, Ra:IN

In addition to XJAPAN, PATA is active in a band called Ra:IN.

You should also go see Ra:IN concerts. If you go to a concert, you will be truly impressed by his guitar playing.

PATA’s Instagram :

writer : Nakajima