Tsubasa Imai said “Hide is eternal.” and secretly watched “TELL ME,” the first movie in which he plays the lead role.

Singer and actor Tsubasa Imai updated his Instagram on August 10. In the post, you can see his taking a selfie with the poster of his first movie “TELL ME: the scenery I saw with hide”.

Tsubasa Imai’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChEseR3u–S/

The movie “TELL ME: the scenery I saw with hide” that we want to pass down to the next generation.

Hide was active as both an X JAPAN guitarist and solo artist during his lifetime. He is still a great musician who continues to influence many people even today. This film was produced based on the book “Brothers: Remembering Hide” written by Hiroshi Matsumoto, Hide’s younger brother. It is a story of friends who spent time with hide and their struggle to deliver the music and message he left behind to the world.

Tsubasa Imai plays Hiroshi Matsumoto, hide’s younger brother.

In the film, Tsubasa Imai plays Hiroshi Matsumoto, hide’s brother and manager. The highlight of the film is the 1998 national tour “hide with Spread Beaver appear! 1998 TRIBAL Ja,Zoo” was recreated in the film. The actual live soundtrack is used in the film.

Tsubasa Imai went to the movie theater to see the movie. He wrote, “At the theater, the movie TELL ME #KADOKAWA CINEMA #tellme #the scenery I saw with hide #my encounter with the movie #thank you to everyone who saw it #it was a special time #the movie theater is great #hide is eternal #thank you everyone.

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