Yuma Yamoto’s realistic acting ability instantly grabs the audience’s attention.

Watch Yuma Yamoto’s performance and you’ll be emotionally involved before you know it!

Actor Yuma Yamoto updated his Instagram. He wrote, “I turned 32!” and reported that he turned 32 on August 31, 2022. Yuma Yamoto posted a photo of the moment when he opened his mouth wide and bit into a frosted sugar cookie. Many responses to the post were received, with congratulatory comments from fellow actors Kento Kaku and Minami Hamabe.

Yuma Yamoto’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ch7RFJlPDvO/

Yuma Yamoto appeared in documentary film “HURRY GO ROUND” 20 years after hide’s death.

It is also worth remembering that Yuma Yamoto served as the navigator for the documentary film “HURRY GO ROUND,” which was released in 2018. The film was produced as part of the “hide 20th Memorial Project,” a project that commemorates the 20th anniversary of the death of hide, who was active both as a guitarist for X JAPAN and as a solo artist. Based on the lyrics of “HURRY GO ROUND” inscribed on his grave site, the film unravels the message that hide never directly spoke.

Yuma Yamoto’s post: https://twitter.com/yuma_yamoto/status/974200399858057216

Yuma Yamoto said he knew very little about hide. In the film, he visited hide’s hometown of Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Los Angeles, USA, where hide spent three months before his death, and came to know a side of hide that was unknown to him. Through this work, he said he fell in love with hide.

Profile of Yuma Yamoto

In 2003, he made his debut as a child actor in the movie “Bokunchi. He once quit performing, but enrolled in an acting college after graduating from high school. After graduating from the college, he joined the theater company “Otona Keikaku” as a trainee in 2011. The following year, he launched the theater company “Gekidan Komatsuna” with his fellow students.

He has appeared in a number of hit movies including “Hanako to Anne” (2014) and “Gomenne Seishun!” (2014). He played his first leading role in “Busu To Yajuu” (2015) and he became a popular actor for his wide range of acting skills, from a samurai in a period drama to a bad boy.

In the drama “SUPER RICH” (2021), he passionately played an old employee struggling to revive his company. He brought realism to the drama by playing a character who is easily misunderstood by those around him because of his harsh opinions.

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