Hiromitsu Kitayama of Kis-My-Ft2 and Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids form a close bond

Hiromitsu Kitayama, leader of the Japanese idol boy group “Kis-My-Ft2”, celebrated his 37th birthday on September 17, 2022. Kitayama appeared on Instagram of his senior, Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids. Domoto sent his congratulations along with a photo taken with Kitayama.

Koichi Domoto’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cim67PJryAJ/

Koichi Domoto and Hiromitsu Kitayama co-starred in “SHOCK” series

Domoto has starred in a musical called “SHOCK” for over 20 years. Its series is notorious for being one of the hardest musicals to get tickets for.

In 2022, Kitayama played the role of Domoto’s rival in “Endless SHOCK” at the Hakataza Theater. During the tour, Kitayama celebrated his birthday. The photo was taken on stage, and you can see that the two are dressed in their stage costumes.

Hiromitsu Kitayama’s charm is his high acting ability

One of Kitayama’s most attractive features is his high acting ability; he is one of the best singers in Kis-My-Ft2, but his acting ability is outstanding as well. His lead roles in the dramas “Million Joe” and “I AND SHE(HE) ARE LIVING TOGETHER YET” are well worth watching. He plays realistic and humanistic characters, such as the expression of hiding a lie and the agony of guilt. His acting never seems like he is playing a role. His voice, gestures, and mind naturally match the role as if he were breathing, and he is assimilated into the role itself. We are sure that those who have seen his work will feel as if they are watching a real documentary, as his performance is so realistic.

If you like heartwarming type of movies, you may like the movie “Tora-san: Why I became a cat” in which he starred.

Those who see his acting will be captivated by his amazing talent. It is a pity that he has not appeared in many films yet. We wish more people in the world could see his acting.