Hayato Sano celebrated his 25th birthday!

Hayato Sano of M!LK published a photo on his Instagram on his birthday, March 23. He turned 25 years old.






In the photo, he is seen looking at a large cake with 2 and 5 candles stuck in it and making 25 with both hands. He wrote a message to his fans. “I turned 25 today! Thank you all so much for all the messages! I’ll try harder to entertain you all.”

Hayato Sano is gaining popularity as an actor and has appeared in numerous high-profile films, including “True Criminal Flag” and “Teppachi!”. As for his musical activities, he is a member of M!LK, a five-member vocal dance unit that made its major debut on November 24, 2021, and is expected to do even more in the music field.

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