DAIGO celebrated his 45th birthday with HYDE & yasu.

DAIGO’s birthday was celebrated by big-name artists.

DAIGO, the grandson of Noboru Takeshita, the 74th Prime Minister of Japan, and vocalist for the rock band BREAKERZ, has been attracting attention for a photo he posted on Instagram.

DAIGO, who celebrated his 45th birthday on April 8, 2023, said, “The other day, God and my brother wished me a happy birthday!” he reported. In his comments, he calls “God” the vocalist HYDE of the rock band L’Arc~en~Ciel, and “brother” the vocalist yasu of the rock band Janne Da Arc, which regrettably disbanded on April 1, 2019.

(From an Instagram post on December 31, 2016.)

DAIGO’s friendships 

Both HYDE and yasu are vocalists in very popular bands representing Japan. Yasu is taking a break from his singing career due to illness, but he is still very popular and many fans are hoping for his return. For fans seeking information about him, DAIGO’s post this time seemed to make them very happy. In the comment section, many fans wrote: “I’m glad to hear that yasu is doing well. Thank you, DAIGO…” “I’m going to cry now that I can confirm that yasu is alive…” and so on.

text: Nakajima
References: https://www.instagram.com/daigo_breakerz_/