Can’t wait for Keiko Kitagawa’s birthday? Imoto Ayako holds Keiko’s birthday party ahead of schedule.

Keiko Kitagawa celebrated her birthday with her close friend!

Actress and model Keiko Kitagawa appeared on comedian Ayako Imoto’s Instagram on August 10. Keiko Kitagawa will celebrate her 36th birthday on August 22, 2022, so it seems that her best friend Imoto Ayako held a little early birthday party for her.

Ayako Imoto’s post:

Keiko Kitagawa’s husband is DAIGO of BREAKERZ vocalist and the grandson of a former prime minister.

Keiko Kitagawa married DAIGO, vocalist of the rock band BREAKERZ, in January 2016. Before BREAKERZ, he had worked as a vocalist of “JZEIL” and as a solo artist “DAIGO☆STARDUST”. DAIGO is also the grandson of Noboru Takeshita, the 74th Prime Minister of Japan.

Keiko Kitagawa & DAIGO’s daily life of raising a child is popular on SNS.

Keiko Kitagawa and DAIGO’s first child, their first daughter, was born in September 2020. DAIGO’s Twitter post on August 4, 2022, showed the couple’s clay works for their daughter with her comments “Mom is good” and “Dad is bad. A photo comparing the difference in workmanship of the couple’s creations has been buzzing.

DAIGO’s post:

Reference:Instagram / DAIGOTwitter
(writer: Kato)