Live Report: Matenrou Opera 10th Anniversary “PANTHEON TOUR-overture-” in EX THEATER ROPPONGI

 “PANTHEON TOUR-overture-” Last live performance by Yu (Dr.)

On March 2, 2018, Matenrou Opera brought excitement to EX THEATER ROPPONGI. That day was the last live performance by Yu (Dr.), who has been with the band since its formation; even though he had announced his departure beforehand at the “PANTHEON TOUR -coda-” live held at Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX in February, it must have been painful for many fans.

Evolutionary band celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017.

In 2017, the band celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of their album “PANTHEON -PART- 1-” on April 12. This album contains their ten years of thoughts and their determination to reach new goals. It is also the first full album (excluding the venue limited single “SHINE ON”) with JaY, who later became a member of the band, as a supporting guitarist, and you can feel the new wind from PANTHEON.

With the release of this work, they held several concert tours; “PANTHEON TOUR -ZERO-“, “PANTHEON TOUR -the first movement-“, “PANTHEON TOUR -the second movement- “MATENROU OPERA EURO TOUR 2017″(canceled), and “PANTHEON TOUR -the third movement-“. 

In November, they released “PANTHEON -PART 2-“, the sequel to their previous album. These songs were recorded during the PANTHEON tour, so you can feel the band’s momentum in the speed of production. 

Then, after the “PANTHEON TOUR -coda-” which started on November 22, 2017 and the “PANTHEON TOUR -overture-” held in February and March 2018, the final chapter of the “PANTHEON TOUR” series was decorated at EX THEATER ROPPONGI. As mentioned above, during the performance of “PANTHEON TOUR -coda-“, it was announced that Yu (Dr.) had left the band.

A New Chapter of Matenrou Opera

On March 2, 2018, the final day of the “PANTHEON TOUR -overture-” tour, we watched the live performance. We would like to share with you that it was an outstanding live performance befitting Yu’s last live and the 10th anniversary of the formation of Matenrou Opera.

KAMIJO of Versailles, who has close ties to Matenrou Opera, took the stage as a special secret guest. KAMIJO sang “Hadou no Hi yo(覇道の火よ)” with Sono. They were discovered by KAMIJO for their talent and were a part of Sherow Artist Society produced by Mr. KAMIJO from 2008 to 2010.

The two members, Sono (Vo.) and Yu (Dr.), started talking about how they started the band together. Sono was a visual-kei type from that time and Yu was a heavy metal type. Yu was not interested in visual-kei, but he wanted to form a band with Sono. He thought that any genre would be fine as long as they could both be in the same band, so he put on makeup and jumped into the world of visual-kei.

During this PANTHEON tour, which lasted more than a year, Yu said that he had a hard time facing his drums, but after deciding to leave the band, he enjoyed playing drums at each live performance. Expressing his gratitude to the fans and members for shining the spotlight on him during the tour, Yu said, “Tomorrow I will take a different path, but I want to leave my dreams and soul here with everyone. Yu expressed his gratitude to the fans and members who made him shine during the tour, and said, “Tomorrow I will take a different path, but I want to leave my dreams and soul here with everyone.

It was also announced that JaY has joined Matenrou Opera as an official member and that a new song “Invisible Chaos” will be released. We look forward to new developments in the future.

The last song was “SHINE ON. After the members left the stage, Yu remained alone at the stage. He sang “PHOENIX” with his fans. It’s a triumphant return performance after many long tours. The audience was in a state of excitement and he put on his best smile on the stage at the end. The fans kept his image burned in their eyelids until he was out of sight from the stage.

Set List

SE The RISING-Orchestra-
2. The Gambler
3. Curse of Blood
5. Justice
6. Psychic Paradise
9. Hado no Hi yo (with the special guest, KAMIJO)
10. Cross Counter wo Nerae
11. EVE
13. Mammon Will Not Die
15. Voyage
16. COCOON (Music: Yu)
18. PANTHEON part2
19. alkaroid showcase
20. honey drop
21. Kasai to Gekijo no Gloria
SE PHOENIX(The whole audience sung together with Yu.)

(writer Kato)