HYDE played the role of himself in “Hare Kon”. Yutaka Kyan of Golden Bomber said, “Here comes our god – !!!!”

HYDE not only sings the theme song for “Harekon” but also appears in the drama?

Haruka Shimazaki’s starring drama “Hare Kon” updated its official Twitter on February 20. It was announced that HYDE will appear in the 6th episode of “Hare Kon”.

HYDE, with blond hair and an all-black corset, looks as if he is greeting someone with his right hand raised.

“Hare Kon” Twitter:

Back on the 18th this month, when HYDE’s STAFF announced that he would be appearing in the drama, Yutaka Kyan, the Golden Bomber, immediately responded.

Then, he retweeted “Today finally our god is in the drama – !!!!Please enjoy the sixth episode of Hare Marriage,”

Kyan appears in this drama as the mayor and father of Ibaraki gal Yuzu, played by Yurina Yanagi.

Kyan’s post: https://twitter.com/yutakya_n/status/1495399026929586181

HYDE, known for his love of the original “Harekon.”

The character Yuzu is a favorite of HYDE. He, who has long professed to be a fan of the original, commented on Instagram on September 6, 2017, “I’m into Yuzu lately,” and showed an illustration signed by the original author.

HYDE also sings the theme song for this drama, “FINAL PIECE,” so be sure to check that out as well when you watch the drama.


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