Non is delighted with her lunch box made for the movie “Ribbon”. Tackling the three roles of writer, director, and lead actor!

The rainbow light over her head seemed to bless the release of the film.

Creative artist “Non,” who is active in multiple fields from acting to music and film directing, posted four photos on her Instagram on February 16. The photo was accompanied by the words, “This is a picture of the movie Ribbon, the first day of shooting.

In the posted photos, she is sitting on her bed, wearing a mask and writing something intently.

Non said, “I’m just sorting through the storyboards I’ve drawn and writing the cuttings into the script. I was happy to see the congratulatory bow on the lunch box on the first day. It was a very tasty lunch. Only nine days until the film opens to the public.” She revealed her heartfelt feelings.



Multi-talented Non plays three roles: writer, director, and lead actor.

Non was drawing a cutaway of the film “Ribbon,” which she wrote, directed, and starred in. This is her first theatrical feature film.

In the film, she plays an art student whose graduation exhibition is cancelled due to the COVID-19. The story is about her process of facing her complicated emotions and moving toward the future, and the story has attracted attention from around the world.

“Ribbon” is used symbolically in the play, and she was delighted with the bows hanging on her lunch.

The way she checked the camera work with the crew was very serious. Can’t wait for the release date of February 25.

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writer: Kato