Bono,, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki : #SING4LIFE.


Bono,, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki : #SING4LIFE.

This song made by 4 artists; Bono from U2,, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki from X JAPAN. #SING4LIFE, as the title suggests, has a different meaning than any other song we’ve ever heard in terms of a way of making, a reason of being generated, and our impressions. We will never forget this song.

How this song was born and made.

Bono created the song because he was moved by the actions of Italians encouraging each other through singing a song at each balcony. Bono then asked his friend to join this song for beating against the virus, asked their mutual friend YOSHIKI to play the piano and Jennifer also joined it. Like this, this dream collaboration between 4 people who share the same philosophy has been realized. The four of them never met physically for recording and the song was created through the communication via the internet.

A sense of ownership and reality towards our facing problem.

Don’t you think this song appeals to us so deeply? We feel there’s a sadness that comes through the song maybe it’s because we are getting pessimistic, maybe it’s because we’re being knocked down by a reality with no end in sight. At the same time, we feel there’s a sense of ownership toward our reality and are noticed that we have to face it, help each other and overcome it. Looking back to the past, there are several famous songs for wishing the world peace or encouraging global problems, and those songs are quite beautiful and touching though, there might be less a sense of ownership than the one of this song. #SING4LIFE clearly sets itself apart from others, maybe it’s because this song was born under the circumstance where nobody can escape and  everyone is equally affected and restricted. In fact, most of earthlings have still been unable to go out freely to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic as of may 1st, 2020.

Yoshiki’s tender piano mingles with various music and melts together.

Yoshiki’s piano is so tender that it gently envelops 3 voices. As mentioned, this song has packed with some sadness and current severe atmosphere but his sounds adds it a hoping melody and a pop beating. His soft but strong sounds come from his experiences vary from deaths of his beloved members to his health problems in the past. Thus, his piano reminds us that we don’t have time to sleep depressed at home and that we have many things to do for moving forward to our bright future.