Mizuki Yamamoto’s too-cute funny face is adorable.

You’ll fall in love with Mizuki Yamamoto’s all-out funny face and smile…!

Actress and model Mizuki Yamamoto celebrated her 31st birthday on July 18, 2022. She updated her Twitter and reported that she was celebrated on the set of a photo shoot. Holding a colorful birthday cake, she smiled happily. She seems to have been so happy that she got excited and even made a funny face.

Mizuki Yamamoto’s post:

Mizuki Yamamoto is known as a big manga and anime fan.

Mizuki Yamamoto published the book “Magical Girl, Mizuki Yamamoto” in 2020. Her shockingly cute transformation into a magical girl became the talk of the town. Her books also include comics and illustrations drawn by herself, demonstrating her diverse talents.

In the past, she has done high quality cosplay such as “Revolutionary Girl Utena” and “Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel”. Not to forget her cosplay of Maetel from “Galaxy Express 999,” which she performed in the dTV original drama “Gintama 2 – Yo nimo Kimyona Gintama-chan” released in 2018.

It is only her overwhelming beauty that allows her to reproduce the immensely beautiful Maetel to such an extent.

Mizuki Yamamoto’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlUtZ-JBQyb/

When we think of Maetel, the original author Leiji Matsumoto comes to mind, but in fact, both Mizuki Yamamoto and Leiji Matsumoto are from Fukuoka Prefecture. It is surprising that they have such things in common, isn’t it?