Yutaro congratulates Kodai Asaka on his birthday. The “Cherry Magic” duo of Tsuge and Minato return!

Yutaro congratulates Kodai Asaka on his birthday.

Kodai Asaka celebrated his 30th birthday on August 24, 2022. Model and actor Yutaro, who played his partner in the movie “Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make you a Wizard?! (abbreviated as Cherry Magic),” updated his Instagram to congratulate Kodai Asaka.

Yutaro’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChpE5JNh_-A/

“Cherry Magic” is a huge hit overseas as well! Both the movie and the drama became social phenomena!

The popular comic book “Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make you a Wizard?!” written by Yu Toyoda, was dramatized for TV Tokyo in the October 2020 season. The popularity of the drama has not stopped, and a movie was released in April 2022 as a sequel to the drama. The pure love story between Adachi, played by Eiji Akaso, and Kurosawa, played by Keita Machida, has captured people’s hearts and is a hot topic not only in Japan but also overseas. Kodai Asaka plays Masato Tsuge, Adachi’s best friend and a novelist, and Yutaro plays Minato Wataya, Tsuge’s lover, and their love story also enhances the movie.

Fans rejoice at the return of the Tsuge and Minato duo!

Yutaro writes, “My lovely, lovely boyfriend Tsuge-san. Happy memorable 30th birthday to Koudai Asaka. I look forward to working with you again someday, somewhere. I would like to go camping with you. I also want to see you dance brilliantly again.”