Tomomi Maruyama held an Instagram live on his 47th birthday for the first time in a long time. Toast with fans.

Actor Tomomi Maruyama, who celebrated his 47th birthday on March 27, 2022, held an Instagram live for about an hour. Tomomi Maruyama, who has experience working in a bar in the past, opened a bottle of champagne with a familiar hand and poured the drink into the glass with nostalgia. Then he said, “Happy birthday, me. Thank you very much. Cheers.” he shared a toast with his fans. As for his goals for his 47th year, he said, “I hope to be healthy and do each job sincerely and to the best of my ability.”

Tomomi Maruyama’s post:

Tomomi Maruyama, the ultimate chameleon actor.

In the “NANA” movie series, he played the role of Yasu, the drummer and leader of the band “BLACK STONES,” and Yasu’s strong character with skinhead and sunglasses became the talk of the town. All of the characters portrayed by manga artist Ai Yazawa are overwhelmingly beautiful, and Yasu, played by Tomomi Maruyama, is no exception. Therefore, he, with his beautifully sculpted back of the head and skeletal structure, was a perfect choice for the role.

In his recent dramas, he has skillfully played different characters, such as a narcissistic radiologist in “Radiation House,” a quirky HR manager in “The marriage between a director and an employee is frustrating,” and a vicious stalker in “Hunting on a Lonely Hill”. We will tip our hat to him for his performance, which is fresh and new every time.

Appointed as PR Ambassador for Tomi-city, Nagano Prefecture!

Tomomi Maruyama, a native of Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture, was appointed “Tomi City Hometown PR Ambassador” on May 17, 2021. In his past Instagram posts, he has commented that he would like to gradually introduce the charms of Tomi City to the public. (Posted on September 7, 2021) We look forward to seeing his deep, local-loving posts that only a PR ambassador can make.