Bono,, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki : #SING4LIFE.


Bono,, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki : #SING4LIFE.

Bono of U2,, Jennifer Hudson, and Yoshiki of X JAPAN; the video for “#SING4LIFE” created by the four artists was released on Youtube on March 24, 2020. The song has also become a topic of discussion due to the particular circumstances in which it was created and the method of collaboration.

#SING4LIFE – Featuring Bono,, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki
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How this song was born and made.

The #SING4LIFE was released in the midst of the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic in March 2020. It was also around this time that the news and social networking sites were reporting on the people of Italy singing songs on their balconies and encouraging one another. Moved and inspired by these Italians, Bono composed “#SING4LIFE”.

Then, in order to beat COVID-19, Bono offered his friend to participate. Then they asked their mutual friend YOSHIKI to play the piano, and Jennifer joined them on this song. Thus, a dream collaboration by four people with the same philosophy was realized. Because of the prevalence of COVID-19, the four did not physically meet during the recording process, and the song was created 100% through communication via the Internet.

A sense of ownership and reality towards our facing problem.

This song has a deep appeal to us. Whether it is because of our pessimistic leanings or because we are overwhelmed by a reality with no end in sight, we are numbed by the sadness conveyed by the song. On the other hand, this song also gives us a sense of being a party to this issue, and reminds us that we must face it, help each other, and overcome it. Many beautiful and wonderful songs about peace and global issues have been released in the past, but “#SING4LIFE” may be a song that makes people feel more strongly about the issues involved. Perhaps this is because “#SING4LIFE” was created in a situation from which no one can escape, where everyone is equally affected and restricted. As of May 1, 2020, most people are still unable to go out freely.

Yoshiki’s gentle piano mixes and melds with various music.

Yoshiki’s piano has a gentle tone that gently envelops the three voices. As mentioned above, this song is filled with sadness and a sense of urgency about reality, but the piano adds a hopeful melody to it. There are many things we need to do to move forward toward a brighter future.

(writer Kato)