Atsuhiro Inukai & Shohei Miura compare photos now and 7 years ago!

Atsuhiro Inukai shows his senior Shohei Miura how he has grown up.

Atsuhiro Inukai updated his Instagram and compared the photo he took with Shohei Miura seven years ago with the current photo with him. The photo from seven years ago shows Atsuhiro Inukai, who looks very young, and Shohei Miura, who has a beard and a mischievous expression on his face.

Atsuhiro Inukai’s post:

The two are co-starring in the Yomiuri/Nippon Television drama “Shin Nobunaga Kouki ~Classmate are Sengoku Bussho~” in the July 2022 season. The current photo was probably taken in between dramas, as they are wearing costumes from the play. In the drama, Atsuhiro Inukai plays the role of Kenshin Uesugi and Shohei Miura plays the role of Masamune Date.

Atsuhiro Inukai returns the favor to Shohei Miura, his senior at the office.

Inukai and Miura are senior and junior members of the same office. Inukai said, “A touching photo comparison of seven years ago and now. I think the best way for juniors to repay seniors is to show them how much I have grown. I wonder if I have shown Shohei Miura that I have grown up a little…” Shohei Miura must have been delighted to Atsuhiro Inukai’s growth.