Is that Harry Potter next to Tatsuya Fujiwara?

Tatsuya Fujiwara tilted his head cutely.

Actor Tatsuya Fujiwara’s STAFF account was updated on Twitter on February 26. The photo shows Tatsuya Fujiwara and Yuzo Kajiyama, a producer of HORIPRO, dressed as “Harry Potter”. Tatsuya Fujiwara is in the photo with his head slightly tilted back and his back straight.

The staff official said, “Today, we held the Tatsuya Fujiwara Fan Club Event! Thank you very much to everyone who came and watched the distribution. The photo shows Tatsuya who was pleased with the warm atmosphere of the venue and Harry Potter publicity producer Kajiyama. We want to go on a fan club tour soon.”

Tatsuya Fujiwara staff’s post:

Is that Harry Potter next to you?

Why is he promoting Harry Potter next to Tatsuya Fujiwara? You may be wondering, but he will actually appear in the international hit stage play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” which will make its first appearance in Japan in the summer of 2022. It has been announced that Tatsuya Fujiwara, Kanji Ishimaru, and Osamu Mukai will play the roles of Harry Potter in the show, which will feature an original Japanese cast. It seems that many fans cannot wait to see this gorgeous collaboration of a popular work and a popular actor.

Tatsuya Fujiwara is overwhelmingly popular for his one and only acting ability. What kind of character will his Harry Potter be…we can’t help but wonder before the performance.

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