Akira Ishida celebrated his 56th birthday!

Akira Ishida, a leading voice actor in the Japanese animation world, celebrated his 56th birthday on November 2

November 2 is the birthday of prominent voice actor Akira Ishida, who has appeared in popular works such as “Neon Genesis EVANGELION,” “NARUTO,” “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED,” and “DEMON SLAYER.

Akira Ishida became quite popular by acting the character Kaoru Nagisa in the Neon Genesis EVANGELION series. His mysterious voice brings out the neutral charm of Kaoru Nagisa.

Akira Ishida won the first voice actor award in 2007

Akira Ishida is probably best known for the voice of Kaoru Nagisa, but he is also famous for voicing Athrun Zala in “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED” series. He won the first sub-character award at the Voice Actor Awards, which began in 2007, for his role in Athrun Zala of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY.

It is said that what inspired him to become a voice actor was watching the animated series “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM” as a child. He must have been very happy to have been able to appear in the Gundam series, which he had longed to be a part of.

His popular works from NARUTO to DEMON SLAYER!

Akira Ishida has appeared in many other popular works.

To name a few, he plays the role of Gaara in the ninja anime “NARUTO,” Akaza in DEMON SLAYER, Fish Eye in Sailor Moon, Kotaro Katsura in Gintama, and Chohakkai in the Saiyuki series. He has also dubbed voices for games and movies.

He is such a leading voice actor in Japan that there is no one who does not know his voice. Akira Ishida is undoubtedly one of the most famous voice actors in Japan.

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