Tomomi Maruyama reveals the charms of【Tomi City, Nagano】! ~Part2~


What kind of place is Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture?

Tomi City in Nagano Prefecture is famous for its agricultural products, hot springs, and Unnojuku.


It is also the hometown of multi-talented actor Tomomi Maruyama. Did you know that there is a YouTube channel from Tomi City that introduces the charms of the town?

What kind of place is Uminojuku?

“Uminojuku” is an inn on the Hokkoku Kaido Highway established by the Edo shogunate (1672). Today, the beautiful traditional streetscape of the area still remains, with its Edo period inns, thatched roofs, and Meiji period and later silkworm house structures matching each other.

To Shiratori Shrine, the clan deity of the Unno and Sanada clans

The YouTube video shows scenes of his visiting Shirotori Shrine and visiting the workshop of Norihiro Miyairi, a “swordsmith” who makes Japanese swords. The video also shows his expression as he holds a real Japanese sword in his hand, which is not easy to see.