【Nagano・Tomi City】Tomomi Maruyama reveals the charms of his hometown ~Part1~


Chameleon actor・Tomomi Maruyama unravels the charms of his hometown, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture.

Actor Tomomi Maruyama has appeared in many hit movies such as the drama “Radiation House” and the movie “NANA. It is no exaggeration to say that anyone who watches movies and dramas has seen his acting at least once. He is such a successful actor who has appeared in a wide variety of productions. We would like to introduce the charm of his hometown, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture.


Appointed as PR Ambassador for Tomi city, Nagano Prefecture!

Mr. Maruyama, a native of Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture, was appointed “Tomi City Hometown PR Ambassador” on May 17, 2021. Tomi City is located in the central eastern part of Nagano Prefecture, adjacent to Ueda City and Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture.

It is famous for its agricultural products and hot springs, and recently, the popularity of Tomi City-grown Shine Muscat has been increasing, as well as wine production due to the increase in wineries. It is also the birthplace of Raiden Tameemon, a legendary sumo wrestler of the Edo period. Raiden Tameemon was the strongest ozeki of all time, boasting a 90.6% win ratio, and his birthplace is near Maruyama Tomomi’s home.

Visit the birthplace of the legendary Raiden, the greatest sumo wrestler of all time, on YouTube.

Maruyama Tomomi visits Raiden’s birthplace for the first time in a while and is guided by Seki-san, the eighth generation of the family. The ring in the middle of the room is a little smaller than today’s sumo ring. According to Seki, the average height of Japanese men at the time was 155 cm, so it was probably just the right size. Surprisingly, Raiden was 197 cm tall, which would have been too small for him.

He also shares some unexpected episodes of Raiden with current Ozeki Ontakekai. Please check out the full-length YouTube video for the rest of the story!