Shochikuubai Shirakabe Gura “Mio” NIGORI and CRISP are now on sale.

~Strengthened lineup of sparkling sake “Mio”, which is popular overseas~.

Takara Shuzo International Co., Ltd.

From left to right: “Mio” 300ml, “Mio” 300ml and 750ml

Takara Shuzo International, which is developing overseas business, will launch sparkling sake “Shochikuubai Shirakabe Kura “Mio” NIGORI” and “CRISP” as a new product exclusively for overseas consumption.

Sparkling sake “Mio” is sold in 43 countries around the world (excluding Japan), mainly in the U.S. but also in Asia and Europe, and its popularity as a new type of Japanese sake is increasing.

Shochiku-Bai Shirakabe Kura “Mio” NIGORI, which will be released mainly in Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.) and Europe, is a “nigori” type that is popular overseas and features a refreshing sweet and sour taste.

Shochiku-Bai Shirakabe Kura “Mio” , which will be released exclusively in the U.S., features a fruity apple-like aroma and a refreshing, sweet, clean taste. It will be sold through all channels, mainly Japanese and Asian retail chains.

Takara Shuzo International will strengthen the Mio sparkling sake lineup overseas while expanding new users and developing it into a global brand.

Takara Group aims to realize its vision “Smiles in Life – Smiles are the treasures of life” by providing people around the world with a rich dietary life through Japanese food and Japanese sake.

【Product Outline】
Trade name
(1) Matsuzukume Shirakabezou “Mio”<NIGORI>.
(2) Matsuzukume Shirakabezura “Mio”<CRISP>.

Alcohol content 5
Volume / Container
(1) 300ml / glass bottle
(2) 750ml, 300ml / glass bottle

Destination countries
(1) Mainly Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.), Europe
(2) U.S.A.

Export start schedule
(1) Around December 2023
(2) Around October 2023

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