Yusei Yagi of FANTASTICS performs signature phrase of IKKO “Back throw~!”

Yusei Yagi of the dance and vocal group FANTASTICS won the “Kimono Knight” award at the 5th Best Formal Wear Award. The Ceremony held at Gajoen in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, on November 9.

This year’s winners were AHN MIKA for “Evening Dress Queen” and COM. YAMATO for “Tuxedo Knight” in the Western style category, IKKO for “Kimono Queen” and Yusei Yagi of FANTASTICS for “Kimono Knight” in the Japanese style category.

Yusei Yagi is of the generation of IKKO?

After the ceremony, Yusei Yagi as Kimono Knight stood alongside IKKO, who won the Kimono Queen award. IKKO asked Yusei Yagi if he would like to say the signature line together and he was posing with IKKO, saying, “Back throw~!”

IKKO’s signature line, “Back throw~,” is attributed to the hand technique of Judo throwing. The phrase is meant to throw all negativity on one’s back, and has become so well known in Japan as a positive phrase that cheers people up.

Yusei Yagi is of the generation that watched IKKO on TV, so he said, “I’m of the generation!” In response, Yamato reacted, “There is no such thing as a generation. What generation are you from?” and the audience laughed.

The 5th Best Formal Wear Award Ceremony, which was filled with laughter from start to finish, ended with a great success.

Writer: Kato
Interview Date: November 9, 2023 at Meguro Gajoen