Mackenyu Arata as Zoro, pictured with Iñaki Godoy as Luffy! Can’t wait the release of the live-action version of ONE PIECE.

Mackenyu Arata, the whole world will fall in love with him!

Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy, who plays the main character Monkey D. Luffy in Netflix’s live-action drama of “ONE PIECE,” updated his Instagram on February 27. He posted a photo of himself with Mackenyu Arata.

Mackenyu plays the popular character “Roronoa Zoro,” a swordsman of the three sword style. Fans all around the world is excited to see this post of Luffy and Zoro.

When Luffy(Iñaki Godoy) added the words “I found him.”, Zoro(Mackenyu Arata) wrote “Luuuuuuufffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” in the comment section. It makes us smile to see how well they get along.

Iñaki Godoy’s post:

In this post, they are happily making good signs, probably because they are happy to be working together. Mackenyu & Iñaki showed a combination just like Luffy and Zoro in the original story.

ONE PIECE’s fans around the world are rejoicing.