Kanata Hongo makes gummy bears with potato chips! His YouTube channel “Kanata Hongo’s Daily Life” is updated.

Like x Like = the Strongest! Kanata Hongo’s food report is a must-see.

Kanata Hongo is attracting increasing attention for his role as Bunshiro Igarashi in the NHK drama series “Come Come Everybody,” which is currently airing.

On February 27, he updated his YouTube channel “Kanata Hongo’s Daily Life. Kanata Hongo, who is known for his love of gummies and potato chips, took on the challenge of making potato chip-flavored gummies.

He works under the equation of “like x like = the strongest”. He also showed a cute side of himself, eating a few potato chips while using a mixer to crush the potato chips. The process of using a dropper to pour potato chips into a mold seems to be similar to his specialty of making Gundam plastic models.

During the tasting scene, he gave a precise report on the taste of the potato chip-flavored gummies. Please check out the full-length movie to find out what the flavors are like.

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