What to do in the event of an earthquake to remember (in an apartment)

Characteristics of earthquakes in high-rise buildings


Due to their earthquake-resistant design, high-rise buildings such as tower condominiums and office buildings tend to sway longer than those on the ground. This can cause people to feel sick by the time the shaking stops.

Let’s review the actions you should take if an earthquake occurs in a high-rise building.

Inside the elevator


・When you feel an earthquake, press the buttons on all floors.

・Get off where the elevator first stops.

・If trapped, wait for outside help through the emergency call button.

What is the minimum emergency kit while waiting for rescue in an elevator?

In the event of a major earthquake in a city, many people will be trapped in elevators and rescues will take time. Although the probability may be low, there is also a probability that you will be trapped inside the elevator yourself.

Considering the possibility that it may take hours or days for rescue to arrive, it is important to carry a minimum emergency kit with you that includes emergency toilets, warm clothing, lights, etc., in addition to drinks and snacks.

We, Visual Tokyo Culture, which operates this website, offers a disaster prevention kit containing 12 disaster prevention items that you should always carry with you in case of earthquakes, fires, torrential rains, etc. If you add your own drinks and food to this disaster prevention kit, you will be prepared.


When you are indoors


・Protect your head by crawling under a table.

・If you are cooking, turn off the fire when the shaking stops.

・Check the entrances and exits, as there is a risk of being locked in.

Be careful not to run outside in the dark and get hurt.