【27 years after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake】What to do in case of an earthquake (at home)


27 years after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

January 17, 2022 marks 27 years since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995. An earthquake can happen at any time. What would you do if an earthquake occurred while you were sleeping, bathing, cooking, using the restroom, or enjoying a meal together?

while sleeping


・Protect your head with a pillow or comforter and wait for the shaking to subside.

・When the shaking subsides, secure an evacuation route.

・Please be careful of obstacles such as broken window panes scattered or furniture that has fallen over.

While sleeping in the bedroom, you will be unprotected. From the beginning, strengthen disaster prevention measures such as minimizing furniture and applying window shatterproof film.

while bathing


・Secure evacuation routes and wait for the tremors to subside.

・It is important to protect the head in the bathtub by covering the tub or bath lid.

in the middle of cooking


・It is important to hide yourself under a table or something and wait until the violent shaking stops.

・After the tremors subside, extinguish the fire to prevent a fire.

Kitchens have many dangers such as refrigerators and cupboards tipping over, and cookware and tableware breaking. We recommend that you take careful measures against earthquakes, such as fall prevention goods.

while using the toilet

・Immediately open the door and secure the evacuation route.

・In earthquakes, doors may distort and trap people.

・Wait until the shaking stops and go out of the room.

while relaxing


In case furniture falls over or objects fall, get under a desk, etc., and put personal safety first.

・After the shaking stops, secure entrances, exits, and evacuation routes. Be careful not to get trapped.

・Evacuate outside only after the shaking stops. If you rush outside, you may be exposed to falling windows and other dangers.

Houses are full of hazards due to the large number of things in them. Take earthquake countermeasures on a regular basis to minimize damage.