What to do if an earthquake occurs while shopping

If you were struck by a huge earthquake while shopping, how would you act?

“You were happily shopping on your day off when you saw an earthquake early warning on your cell phone. There are a few seconds left before it shakes.” In this situation, what action should be taken?

Earthquake occurred while shopping at a convenience store, supermarket, or department store.

The store is crammed with merchandise, but there are many hidden dangers. Cardboard boxes containing large quantities of merchandise are stored on top of display shelves, and glassware is placed on shelves. There is concern that merchandise may fall or display shelves may topple over.

If you think there is an earthquake, it is important to immediately leave the area where product shelves are densely packed and evacuate to a wide space, preferably an elevator hall. Wait for the tremors to subside. Also, avoid evacuation by elevator due to the possibility of aftershocks.

The earthquake occurred while shopping in the underground shopping mall.

If you experience an earthquake in an underground mall, wait until the shaking subsides and evacuate to the ground through an emergency exit. In the event of a major earthquake or fire, it is expected that panic will set in and people will rush to escape from the nearest entrance or exit. Since there is a high possibility of a crowd avalanche, do not panic and look for an open emergency exit. Underground, emergency exits are required to be installed every 60 meters.

Even if you do not know where the emergency exit is, follow the green guide lights to evacuate safely. The guide lights will glow even in the event of a power failure.