What to do if an earthquake occurs while driving

What if there is an earthquake while driving?


Have you ever thought about what would happen if a major earthquake struck while you were driving? If you are startled by the earthquake and slam on the brakes, you could be rear-ended, or the car in front of you could run off the road and crash into you. You must be careful about accidents triggered by earthquakes. What should we do in the event of a major quake?

When driving a car


Do not brake or steer suddenly. If an earthquake occurs while you are driving, drive slowly and stop on the left side of the road while paying attention to your surroundings. Sudden braking or sudden acceleration may lead to a traffic accident, so it is important to drive as safely as possible and stop as you normally would.

After an earthquake, it may be necessary to gather information from the car radio and, in some cases, leave the car behind and evacuate on foot. In such cases, you are required to park your car in a place where it will not be an obstacle to others evacuating or responding to a disaster, and to leave the key in the car without locking the doors so that others can move out of the way if they are in the way.

When you’re on the bus


An earthquake may also hit when you are riding public transportation such as buses to work or school. If you are sitting on a seat, prepare for the impact by leaning low toward the seat in front of you in case of emergency braking. Protect your head with a bag or other item to prevent windows from shattering.

If you are standing, hold on to the handrail to avoid injury as your body may be blown off or fall over.

You never know when an earthquake will strike. Please think about your actions in case of emergency so that you can calmly choose the best option at any time.