Ryoko Kobayashi celebrated her 34th birthday!

Ryoko Kobayashi, actress and president of AGRIKO Corporation, celebrated her 34th birthday.

Ryoko Kobayashi, who debuted as a child actress at the age of 4, celebrated her 34th birthday on November 8, 2023.

After her debut, she steadily increased her popularity by modeling for the junior high school fashion magazine “Nicola” for many years, as well as playing the main character in the live-action drama of the popular manga “Hourglass” and the heroine in the drama “Maou” (2008).

She is also a businesswoman and founded AGRIKO Corporation in May 2021.
She has been working on an initiative called “Agriculture and Fortune Partnership,” in which people with disabilities and the elderly can play an active role through agriculture.

She runs an aquaponics-style farm, combining hydroponics and fish farming, not in the wild, but on the roof of a building in central Tokyo.

The vegetables harvested there are used for lunch at OGAWA COFFEE LABORATORY SAKURASHINCHO, a cafe in Setagaya, Tokyo, run by Ogawa Coffee, a long-established Kyoto-based coffee shop.

Ryoko Kobayashi’s Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/p/CzapJutL_Zz/