AHN MIKA won the “Evening Dress Queen” award.

AHN MIKA won the “Evening Dress Queen” award

Model AHN MIKA took the stage at the 5th Best Formal Wear Award Ceremony held at Gajoen in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, on November 9. She received the “Evening Dress Queen” award in the Western-style clothing category.

AHN MIKA appeared elegant in a gorgeous emerald blue dress. She said, “In wearing formal wear, women are more exposed when it comes to evening wear. Thus, I take care of my skin, and for a few days before the event, I raise my chest and improve my posture.”

The secret to her flawless beauty from all angles lay in her mindset.

What is the Best Formal Wear Award?

The Best Formal Wear Award, now in its fifth year, was established in 2019 by the Japan Formal Wear Culture Promotion Association to promote formal wear culture and contribute to the succession and development of traditional Japanese culture and traditional industry.

The awards will be presented to one “Tuxedo Knight” for men and one “Evening Dress Queen” for women in the Western-style clothing category, and one “Kimono Knight” for men and one “Kimono Queen” for women in the Japanese-style clothing category.

This year’s winners were AHN MIKA for “Evening Dress Queen” and COM. YAMATO for “Tuxedo Knight” in the Western style category, IKKO for “Kimono Queen” and Yusei Yagi of FANTASTICS for “Kimono Knight” in the Japanese style category.

Writer: Kato
Interview Date: November 9, 2023 at Meguro Gajoen