What if the power goes out? 【Crime Prevention, Physical Condition Control, Energized Fire】List of Things You Need During a Power Outage

What if you are caught in a sudden power outage? There are a number of possibilities for power outages to occur.

・Power outages due to natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy snow, earthquakes, lightning, windstorms, etc.
・Power outage caused by crows nesting on metal hangers.
・Power outages due to nearby fires, such as burning power lines.
・Power outages due to accidents caused by vehicles or heavy machinery crashing into utility poles or pylons.
・Other issues include power shortages and rolling blackouts.

Power outages occur in all likelihood for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is restored immediately, sometimes it takes a long time, from a few hours to several days. The time spent in total darkness, not knowing when it will return, can be unsettling. Let’s review usual measures against power outages. What kind of damage could be expected if electricity were to be cut off?

When the electricity goes out, this is the kind of place that will be affected!


In homes with auto-locking features, automatic doors and electric locks in communal areas will no longer function. Many apartments have an “unlock” type, which allows the door to be opened and closed manually. On the other hand, the “operation retained before power failure” type will remain locked if the door remains half-open or if the door is closed. In such cases, the door will be locked using an internal key knob or by using a key from the outside.

Contactless IC card holders are also encouraged to carry their keys with them to avoid being locked out in case they are locked out. Security cameras will stop functioning as well, so don’t forget to lock your front door & windows during a power outage when anyone can enter manually.

Watch out for the night streets!

Use extreme caution when walking on streets at night when streetlights are out. During a power outage, neither traffic lights nor streetlights will turn on. Even if you can barely see what is going on around you during the day, the night is pitch black and full of danger. To prevent accidents with cars and bicycles, pedestrians should not walk on the roadway. If you can carry a flashlight, smart phone, or other object that can be used as a substitute for light, walk while illuminating your surroundings. To avoid being involved in accidents and crimes, please be careful when going out on the streets at night.

Physical Condition Control

One thing to watch out for during a power outage in the summer is heat stroke. If you have been using an air conditioner, we recommend that you stand by without opening windows because the air inside is cooler immediately after a power outage. If the power does not seem to be restored immediately, open a window to catch the breeze. Opening two or more windows will improve ventilation. Wrap a neck cooler or coolant around the neck, armpits, and legs, where large blood vessels pass through, to release heat. If you cannot open a window during a typhoon or heavy rain, use a portable fan.

Reinforcement of water and salt

In summer, do not forget to replenish salt as well as water. In the event of a disaster, 3 liters per person per day will be needed just for drinking water, so we recommend stockpiling drinking water on a regular basis. A power outage in winter means that you will not be able to use air conditioner heaters, or electric heaters. Be prepared to use warmers, hot water bottles, gas stoves, kerosene heaters, and other non-electric means of keeping warm. Warm the neck, armpits, and the base of the legs, where large blood vessels are located.

Be aware of secondary damage due to power outage

Power outages can cause secondary disasters such as traffic accidents, heat stroke, thieves, etc. When electricity is restored, voltage & current flow all at once, which can lead to breakdowns of electronic equipment. Among these, energized fires are the most important point to be aware of, as they can burn down your home. In the event of a power failure, the risk can be reduced by “unplugging the power cable from the outlet. Also, when going to a shelter, please take precautions by turning off the breaker. When you return home from the shelter, please check that all power cables are unplugged from the outlets before turning on the breakers.

Use of Seismic Breakers

Seismic breakers are useful when it is not possible to shut off the breakers during an evacuation. It activates a function that automatically shuts off the electricity supply when it detects an earthquake tremor above a set value. In cases such as when a disaster strikes while you are away from home and you are unable to return home, having a seismic breaker is reassuring.

Preparing for power outage – Goods you should have.

・Mobile battery
・Portable power supply
・Hand-crankable radio
・Emergency rations
・Disposable heating pad
・Battery-powered electric fan
・Pocket fan
・Dry-cell gas stove

Portable disaster prevention kit

VISUAL TOKYO MART sells a “12-Piece Portable Disaster Preparedness Set” for disasters when you are out and about. In the event of a power outage, make use of the light with whistle & pen function. In addition to the light function to illuminate the darkness, it also has a whistle function to call for help and a pen function, making it an excellent three-in-one product.


What if you are out and about and caught in a power outage?

You might be trapped in an elevator, or you might be walking down the street. If you are in an elevator, press all floor buttons. If there is an anti-lock-in function, it will move you to the nearest floor. If nothing happens after a while, press the emergency button to send an SOS to the outside.