Mutual Trading Japanease Food & Restaurant Expo 2023 to be Held in New York and Los Angeles

~The largest Japanese restaurant show in the U.S. will be held for the first time in four years.

Mutual Trading Company (“MTC”), a Japanese food ingredients wholesaler in the United States for the Takara Shuzo International Group, which operates overseas, held Japanease Food & Restaurant Expo 2023, the largest Japanese restaurant show in the United States, in September in New York and Mutual Trading Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo 2023 was held in New York and Los Angeles in September.

 The Mutual Trading Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo has been held since 1989 to promote Japanese food culture and is the largest exhibition of Japanese food, alcoholic beverages, and restaurant supplies in the United States. It provides an important meeting place for foodservice professionals and suppliers.

 This year’s theme, the first in four years due to COVID19, is “Ichishin Kigen” (renewal), and MTC is committed to providing a wide range of products, from casual to upscale, that meet the needs of customers and deliver authentic flavors in pursuit of values that match the new era.

The following is a summary of each venue.
 ■New York Venue
  Date of the exhibition: September 16, 2023
  Number of exhibiting suppliers 153
  Number of visitors 1.862
 The event attracted visitors from hotels, bars, and other food and beverage establishments, as well as food retailers and managers in the food service industry. At their booths, suppliers introduced their products and actively sought orders by offering tastings and beverages to customers.

 Los Angeles venue
  Date: September 23, 2023
  Number of exhibiting suppliers: 146
  Number of visitors: 2,485
 This year, ramen-related products, cutlery, and tableware were particularly popular, with visitors standing in line to get in. The exhibition is also recognized as a useful event for promoting exports from Japan, with 85 Japanese suppliers participating.

Through these and other activities, Takara Shuzo International Group will promote the global penetration of Japanese food culture through the global expansion of Japanese sake and Japanese food, and by providing people around the world with a rich dietary life through Japanese food and sake, we aim to realize the Takara Group Vision, “Smiles in Life – A smile is a treasure of life.

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