【Osaka】Akanemaru has more than 60 kinds of bean paste? You can taste the true flavor of the beans because they are “low-sugar bean paste”!


The commitment to low sugar content brings out the refined sweetness of the beans.

This is Yukko from the VISUAL TOKYO CULTURE editorial department! I’m going to introduce the charms of each of the 47 prefectures of Japan!

Akanemaru is a Japanese-style confectionery company located in Shitennoji, Osaka, known for such products as “Akanemaru Goshiki Dorayaki”.

茜丸 あんこ

We are particular about “low sugar content bean paste”!

Akanemaru reduces the use of sugar and lowers the sugar content of bean paste to bring out the true flavor of the beans. According to Akanemaru, red beans, the raw material for bean paste, are four times more expensive than sugar, so some low-priced bean paste contain a high percentage of sugar, and the sweetness of the sugar is overpowering. It would be a shame to lose the true, delicious taste of the food!

茜丸 あんこ

In the case of Akanemaru, which wants to stick to the original flavor of the red beans, they place importance on using a low sugar content to bring out the original flavor of the beans, even if the cost of the red beans is high. It is very deep…. I would like to try red bean paste while thinking about the flavor of the beans.

A wide variety of red bean paste for commercial use. You’ll stand out from others!

In addition to sales, Akanemaru also assists in product development. With the know-how that only a long-established company can offer, Akanemaru will support you in creating your own original Japanese confectionery products. It is a rare opportunity to be able to choose from 63 types of sweet bean paste and enjoy fruit and flavor red bean paste.

茜丸 あんこ

あんこ好き必見!あんこスイーツつくりのためのサイト「あんこレシピ.com」も公開している茜丸。スイーツ作りにバリエーションを持たせたいなと思っている方など、豊富なレシピをご覧になってみては?コチラから→ あんこレシピ.com


茜丸 あんこ

A must-see for red bean paste lovers! Akanemaru also has a website “ankorecipe.com” for making red bean paste. If you want to add variety to your sweets making, why not take a look at the wide variety of recipes?
Click here → ankorecipe.com

We introduced Akanemaru this time, which is expanding its business to meet diverse needs, ranging from sweet bean paste exclusively for taiyaki, product development, sales of sweet bean paste for commercial use and dorayaki wagashi, novelty sales, and recipe introductions.

Akanemaru’s “Bean Paste Shop” recommended for confectionery and bread making