5 songs for those who are getting curious about Visual Kei. (5/5)

Raphael : Symptom3. XXX Syndrome (1999)

Raphael is a band that suddenly appeared in the late 90s and became famous in the blink of an eye. All the members were popular, especially the band leader, KAZUKI on guitar was by far the most popular. He composed most of the songs and produced band’s concept and direction. They made a major debut, succeeded a concert at Nippon Budokan and were expected the bright future. Unfortunately the band activity was less than 3 years due to Kazuki’s unexpected death. However, their music has affected on aspiring musicians and been loved by many people. 


KAZUKI’s sharp lyrics, grasping the nature of things.

Kazuki wrote all Raphael’s lyrics, varied from sweet love to severe themes. His lyrics were rich in expression as if we were reading Hugo’s novels. First and foremost, his insight was so deeper than sea and he was very good at grasping the inner nature of things. This song is written regarding inequality between normal and disabled people and his discomfort towards silly discrimination. He was inspired by his handicapped uncle’s real experience. He could not accept the ugly feelings that some normal people laugh at disabled people since the value of each person are exact the same and each of us should admit each other. Like this, his straight message moves us. 

Dramatic transposition of a song that suits various emotions of the protagonist in the lyrics.

Raphael’s songs are characterized by dramatic transposition of songs that match the lyrics. The intro of this song is eerie as if it represents a difficult environment for people with disabilities. In the part where the protagonist with disabilities whispers a question to thoughtless people, the song develops monotonous and quietly to stand out YUKI(Vo.)’s voice. In the final part of the song, the melody is open and bright, and KAZUKI’s guitar solo ends beautifully with a high pitch as if everyone understood each other and equality was achieved.

Vocalist YUKI’s mature voice.

YUKI, who once belonged to sing in a choir, has had a deep, stable and very calm voice. He has also been free to play high pitches and sung clearly and smoothly, so he could convey Kazuki’s lyrics to the audience.

writer: Kato