5 songs for those who are getting curious about Visual Kei. (4/5)

Dance electronics reminiscent of the 80’s

Listening to this song, you can feel Future & Galaxy, but you can also feel nostalgia. Even if you weren’t born in this era, you can still enjoy the retro feeling that is part of the band’s appeal. Where does this feeling come from? The mix of nostalgia and newness is one of the highlights of this song.

Unique electronic sounds and expressions produced by skilled members.

First and foremost, from the point of view of old-time Vkei fans, it’s a bliss to hear the new music that these members have created. You know what? It is because Közi from MALICE MIZER and Shuji from cali≠gari are working together! In addition, Shuji worked as a Malice Mizer’s staff when he was young so that this collaboration is a kind of miracle. This song is not allowed us to forget once heard.

All about beauty: costume, artwork, music.

“Where does this band come from? From Paris fashion collection?” When XA- VAT debuted, there were some people who had such impressions towards XA- VAT. In fact, every time at their concerts the members wear elaborate costumes and their hairstyles are fashionable. Rather than watching a music gig, you might feel as if you are watching a fashionable fashion show and a splendid music show at the same time.

How about exploring elaborate sound, unique artwork, and authentic Japanese electronics this time?

writer: Kato