5 songs for those who are getting curious about Visual Kei. (3/5)

GOLODEN BOMBER : Memeshikute (2012)

Golden Bomber is quite popular among Japanese people regardless of generation and gender. Have you ever had a visual Kei band that made everyone laugh so far? They overturned the public image of Visual Kei band such as being cool and made Visual Kei more familiar.

Wanna dance!

It’s been many years since it was released, but when this song starts, everyone starts dancing all at once. We remember well when a large number of audience repeatedly jumped at once at VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT which is the historical visual kei concert in 2016 and the concert venue shook.

Air guitar, air bass, and air drum, but unconventional performance

It is difficult for us to watch “MEMESHIKUTE”’s music video without laughing because it is like a short comedy movie. That is one of their astonishing points where are different from existing visual kei bands. They intentionally behave like comedians or sometimes dance energetically like a dance group. In addition, Golden Bomber is an “Air” band that members do not play any instruments, for instance, members pretend to play their songs holding with real instruments at concerts. We’ll be sure for you to enjoy such uniqueness while listening.

They have succeeded to mix the comedy elements and visual kei elements that were unlikely to interact forever and will keep us laughing and encouraging through the song!

Writer: Kato